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(English) Viola1956

Viola1956 is the new brand created to promote fashion accessories, which are currently fleeting products linked to a garment and its seasonality, and transform them into long-lasting objects to be collected and having a strong design contribution.

The Viola family, a leader in the industrial production of metal fashion accessories since 1956, has entrusted the design of objects/accessories to industrial designers who usually work with long-lasting items such as furniture, home accessories, lamps or cars. These designers were invited to create accessories that are a cross between fashion accessories and personal objects, transforming them into items that are functional and ornamental at the same time, and vice versa. This hearkens back to the past, when fashion accessories were chosen regardless of the clothing item they would accompany.

The design involves the reciprocal exchange of skills between corporate production and the designer. Consequently, these objects aren’t limited to their static shape but also offer numerous functions and are capable of transforming themselves. They can overturn the very idea of the objects, like redesigning how a button is applied to a garment or redesigning how to use cufflinks, create a button cover, etc.