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The Morelife collection designed by Stefano Soave revolutionizes the concept of the button. It seems to be a simple button with four holes and a basic shape, but it is designed to be long-lasting. With its shaft, the button is kept away from the garment and not away from the thread, as is usually the case. The shaft has a flat surface and allows the button to always be parallel to the garment, even when not buttoned. But the true innovation is the fact that the shaft holds the thread, which is kept encased and protected and doesn’t get worn from the continuous opening and closing of the garment, as usually occurs with traditional buttons where the thread is outside the button and holds it away from the garment.

Born on September 16th, 1987, he went to the Machina Lonati Fashion and Design Institute in Brescia, where he obtained his degree in 2009, with top votes, with the NONO’ project. In 2010 NONO’ was produced by the company Alma Design who presented it at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, for which they received a special prize on April 2010 “il design dello stupore” (the design that amazes), at the Young and Design 2010 award and Good Design Award of Chicago. He currently works in Brescia and also co-operates with the studio of Brand Design Formaindustria.